Day 47: Poll

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2 Responses

  1. Pippster says:

    I am all for Occupy Wall Street – but am not sure what the primary goal is? Seems to me a real push should be made for cutting ties with all big business – ie cuting up Chase, Bank of America or any big bank credit cards, refusing to shop at CVS, Walgreens, Amazon etc. That 1% are the above and we are the rest. It isn’t that easy to extricate oneself – and alot of people don’t even get the fact that if you buy books from Amazon instead of a local bookstore, you are supporting that 1%. It ain’t just the big banks – though they are at the top of the problem.

    Also – seems that the electoral system itself is what needs to be overhauled. Being rich shouldn’t be a prerequisite for being president. Changing that, will change everything.

    The poll above is a little too abstract – I don’t get the jargon – can someone rewrite it so the average person can actually respond? I think the poll is a worthy cause but if I check :demands” – demands for what? So why would I check this?

  2. bypasses says:

    Hi Pippster,
    I agree, it seems like a specific primary goal doesn’t exist at this point in the movement. But non-determination might be necessary for it to grow, intensify, even to live.

    By demands, I intended demands upon the state–whatever they may be. If you check out this post ( ) , there’s a link to an article from Viewpoint Magazine (which is excellent) that points out that demands “set us up for social development by the state.” That’s one view. Could an alternative to the state be a more emancipatory site for social development?

    Prefigurative politics could include the work the kitchens do at every occupation: feeding the community. It could also refer to the practice of direct democracy that we see at the General Assemblies and Spokes Councils. These actions might ‘prefigure’ the type of society we intend to create.

    I share your concerns about big business and campaign finance, but I wonder whether it’s possible to reform these, (especially at this early stage of the movement) or do they need to be entirely rethought. For example, are greedy corporations, CEOs and politicians to blame for injustices and inequalities, or are they embedded in a particular social relation, just like the 99%?


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